About Shanta Ghosh

Shanta grew up village cooking with her large household in Nayabasat, India, preparing large meals for visitors, farm workers, and family. Even though they were cooking for many, it always felt like a home cooked meal and the hard work paid off with the simple pleasure of seeing people full and happy. What first began as a necessity evolved into something more.

Shanta brought her love of cooking with her to Bennington, VT where she’s prepared many delicious meals with family and friends. Eventually she decided it was time to share her corner of India with everybody. If you’ve ever had one of her flavorful dishes, you’ll very quickly agree it’s a passion worth sharing. Since then, she’s catered for large clients including The Vermont Arts Exchange, Powers Market as well as a host of private affairs. When asked why she loves cooking so much, she shared, “It’s fun and it feels like I’m doing something good. I love offering food that not everyone has the opportunity to have, it’s nice to see someone happy with such a simple thing.”

Check out the article written by By Hritam Mukherjee, Vermont News & Media correspondent: